The Show

Play 45 second video of Lonnie’s Gold hits

This new show is more of a theatrical event rather than a normal show of a singer with a band, though just as, if not more, exciting and certainly more informative, historical and interesting.

For all shows, no matter how it’s presented, with or without a background screen, all eyes and ears are always focused on the primary target, the one who the audience pays to see.

This is where presentation really matters and when a ‘show’ becomes an event.

It’s all in the accompanying production. The audio-visual effects and how they can take an audience from ‘today’ to ‘yesterday’ in the ‘blink of an eye’.

Lonnie’s production is unique and the only one of its kind featuring a true ‘legend’ of popular music. The star is not a Clone and not a Tribute or pretend artist, but he is the last of the of the true hit parade superstars of that first original era.

He presents his story in words, song and visual excitement, even singing with himself 60 plus years later than the original version.

He also sings along with his International Superstar friends and peers such as Fabian, Ricky Nelson, Crash Craddock, Jerry Lee, The Everly Bros and many others. The same stars he shared the stage and personal times with, all those years ago.

The way the event presents the history of Rock’nRoll and the part Lonnie plays in it is powerful to say the least. He was there right at the start and is still here today singing to the same fans who were there as teenagers and are here today as grandparents.

After the show at the ‘Meet’n’Greet’, some of them are amazed at what they have learned about Lonnie’s career, although they thought they knew it all.

Yes, 66 years ago as a 16 year old, he stood by himself with just a guitar in front of his first audiences, and now in full circle, he is once again alone stage, but this time, with not just his guitar, but with years and years of success and history with him, as it flashes across the big screen and caresses out of the big theatre speakers.

The title of one of his first albums, ‘A night out with Lonnie Lee’ is encapsulated in this new venture, ‘Just me and my music’.

We recently lost Jerry Lee Lewis who Lonnie performed with and who was the last of those original superstars in America, Lonnie is the last of them in Australia.

So, with or without a giant background screen, screens along the wall or no screens at all, enjoy the moment while it’s here.